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Here's a few samples of our chocolate favors!
They're low-priced, and custom-printed to have your info!

Wedding Favors!

To add a custom touch to your wedding! These favors come in many styles, and in both large and small varieties!
These sweet chocolate favors are sure to be a memorable part of a beautiful occasion!

To view all our beautiful chocolate wedding designs, click either of the chocolate bars!

Birth Announcements!

Expecting a new addition to the family? Boy, or girl, we have chocolate favors to commemorate the unforgettable event!

Just as with the wedding favors, you can view all our birth favor designs by clicking either of the sample wrappers!

Business Promotions

If you want to get their attention and make an impression, chocolate is the way to go! Design your own! Available in large and mini sizes!

Since you can customize your own, we have samples of these! Click either of the chocolate bars to view them!

Other Favors

Personalized chocolate bars will make any important event even better! Whatever it is...say it with chocolate!

Click either of the chocolate bars for samples of some favors we've already done!


Full size Pre wrapped bars are $1.00 each. Full size wrappers only are 49 cents each. Miniature wrappers are 10 cents each. They are sold Wrappers only.

Minimum orders are 50 for full size wrappers and 100 for miniature wrappers.

Shipping and handling charge on (wrappers only) orders are $3.20 regardless of quantity.

Shipping and handling on the pre wrapped bars vary depending on the quantity and time of year since a shipping cooler may be needed.

Click here to order!